Balinese Distance Energy Healing Therapy

Free Medicine with Vital Energy of Pranic Life

In the free divine energy transfer treatment technique, Balinese usada prana treatment is performed by the healer on a diseased organ by cleansing or removing negative energy that is diseased or unneeded by the patient's body, then provides the energy needed by the patient's body, especially the organs or body parts that are affected. feel sick. Giving energy to all parts of the body is used to provide balance to the body. This treatment can be given to anyone without exception, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, serious or mild disease.

The process for the treatment of the Balinese Usada prana divine energy transfer

Performed by the Balinese Usada Prana healer in 3 ways, namely: The close-range treatment process can be explained sequentially as follows: 1) the patient is allowed to sit back in the treatment room, 2) the healer asks the patient about their identity and complaints about their health condition, 3) the patient tells his complaint about his current health condition, 4) the patient is asked to write his identity and health complaint in a book as a healer's documentation, 5) the patient is asked to sit without a backrest in the treatment room to facilitate the therapy process, 6) the patient is then invited by the healer to pray together in his heart according to his beliefs each, asking for healing, 7) preparation for therapy, in which the patient's body condition must be in a relaxed, and relaxed state, 8) the healer then carries out the therapeutic process by channeling the energy needed by the patient and removing energy that is not needed by the patient through the palm of the hand touched or sometimes like a slight massaging motion It presses on the part of the patient's body that feels pain. In addition to the diseased organs, energy is also given to the body parts related to the diseased organ.
Energy is given repeatedly
and the time required is also not too long. During the therapy process, the healer also gives suggestions to the patient so that they always have the desire and belief to recover. The palm used to provide energy depends on the healer, because both (right and left) can be used to channel divine energy, but for healers it is better to channel energy using the right hand. At the time of therapy, the healer also detects the patient's body regarding the complaints felt by the patient.

Free remote treatment from Usada Prana Bali

Patients and healers do not meet face-to-face and at the same time are in different locations. This remote treatment can be done when the healer is in contact with the patient, in this case it can be through telephone contact or through a photo of the patient. the healer is focused (if the healer focuses on the patient, then he or she can dissipate disease energy or what the patient does not need and channel the energy that is needed). Distance medical treatment (Skala) and Non-Medical (Niskala) is mostly done at night or early in the morning when the patient is sleeping because it is considered more effective for the patient to receive energy given by the healer, where the patient is not doing activities which can then have an impact on the energy provided by the healer. The healer stopped the medication just before dawn. The healing process will be easier if the patient is relaxed and willing to accept or not refuse this type of treatment. If the patient is relaxed and willing to accept, his body can absorb more energy, this is as conveyed by the healer that when the patient believes in this treatment, the energy that is channeled by the patient can be well received, but if the patient has doubts, then the energy is given to the patient. it will return to the healer. The refusal of pranic energy to enter the patient's body is due to several reasons, namely: first, if the patient has a bad prejudice against this type of healing, if the patient does not like the healer's personality, and third, if the patient does not want to heal. Therefore, a good relationship between the healer and the patient must be well established to reduce the rejection of energy from the patient. A healer when carrying out the treatment process must be really focused and relaxed when channeling energy into the patient's body, although it is often punctuated by jokes to the patient. This is done by the healer so that the relationship between the patient and the healer is more intimate, and the patient does not

Balinese Pranic Healing

Distance Energy Healing Therapy

Prana is an invisible bio-energy that keeps the body alive and also maintains health. The energy body absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the body. Usada Prana Bali helps in medical (Skala) and Non-medical (Nniskala) healing.

Psychological & Spiritual Counseling

Psychological counseling to help self-actualize overcome mental or mental problems. Our spiritual counseling opens up personal opportunities to receive support to experience growth during difficult times in life.

Pranic Healing Services

Energy Healing by Prana Usada Bali applying a combination of hypnotherapy, spiritual techniques Bali, a metaphysical approach to distance healing with vital life energy to heal and reduce energy imbalances in the body.
This distance pranic healing aids you in the ability to reactivate the life force, releasing negative energetic patterns quickly and safely.
The two basic principles of healing are cleansing and energizing. Cleaning means removing diseased energy from the layers of the body and energizing means adding health energy to the diseased area.


How Does Pranic Healing work?

Using the technique of awakening the soul force, divine energy is transferred to the patient's body by a trained and experienced Pranic healer. With universal energy and special frequencies that are specific to the disease and according to the patient's condition.

Prana Usada Healing Techniques

Combined an ancient healing method of the 5 elements of Ayurveda and traditional Balinese energy medicine (Usada). Accompanied by the provision of the ability to do Self-Therapy. Health is the free flow of vital energy and disease is the blockage of vital energy channels in the nadis.

Balancing the composition of nadis, aura and chakras

Balancing the negative energy in the veins through the chakras healing method. It teaches to feel or scan the aura and also to determine which parts of the chakras are healthy and which ones are affected.

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