Bali Usada Pranic Therapy Service
Usada Prana Bali therapy is energy therapy for the whole body; non-invasive, gentle and powerful, to support the body in remembering the innate healing intelligence. It resets the nervous system, the pulses, releases emotional blockages and balances the chakra system. 

Pranic Healing is a systematic form of healing energy. Based on the idea that our physical body is interconnected with our energy field, and utilizing prana or vital energy to treat the energy field results in healing in the physical body. 

It uses a no-touch method to remove congestion, or to strengthen areas of low vitality in a step-by-step approach. By re-patterning the energy body helps relieve or prevent physical and psychological conditions.

You may not see the aura of the energy body, but you can definitely feel it. The energy may be invisible, but its impact can be very visible.

Knowing how our energy bodies work can solve many of our health problems because we can then try to heal ourselves.

Our energy body is made up of chakras located in various areas of the body. They absorb Prana (vital energy) from the environment and supply the same to different parts of the body helping them function properly. We have a healthy body when all these chakras are aligned and Pranic healing works to harmonize them.

The Usada Bali Energy Healing Technique is applied properly including cleansing the mind, soul and physical organs. 

We can unconsciously create energetic attachments that drain our energy. When these cables are plugged in, we are not completely in charge. Cutting the cable (or transforming the cable) recalls all your power through time and space and at the same time releases any energy that doesn't belong to you.

What will the Usada Prana Bali Healer do?

Healers will open your sacred space. You will be guided where you can focus on your intentions in the healing session. The healer will communicate with all parts of your energetic body to get permission to work in your energetic field. It can work 'on the body' or 'out of the body'. 

If working 'on the body' he will apply a very light touch of energy to your etheric body which may include; in the head, spine, hands, feet, sacrum, or possibly other areas of the body. From this place of presence and silence the body can remember the "innate healing intelligence".

Release of emotional blockages, Chakra balance, old trauma patterns held in healing tissue, release of tissue, unrestricted fluid flow, patterns of restraining changes in the body and resetting the nervous system so that you can experience greater rest, peace and wholeness. The body returns to a place of wholeness rather than fragmentation. The soul part returns when communicating that it is safe for them to do so. 

It is also an effective form of treatment for a wide variety of ailments, helping to create optimal health conditions, promoting vitality, and facilitating a sense of well-being.

Improvement after pranic therapy is done:
  • Feel greater personal power and emotional balance
  • Clarity of direction and purpose
  • Increased intuition 
  • Greater access to personal and inner wisdom
  • Feel more grounded and a greater sense of trust in life and in your personal journey
  • Feel more confident and strong
  • Communicate personal truths more easily and confidently 
  • Cope better with stressful situations 
  • Feel a greater sense of wholeness and love for yourself and others
  • The pain level is reduced or completely gone
  • An increase in other health problems like anxiety, digestive problems, emotional problems, fatigue, muscle aches, menstrual pain etc.

Therapy with Balinese Usada Prana Energy 

Energy healing from Usada Prana Bali applies a combination of hypnotherapy, Balinese spiritual, metaphysical approaches to distance healing with vital life energy to heal and reduce energy imbalances in the body.

This remote pranic healing aids you in the ability to reactivate the life force, releasing negative energetic patterns quickly and safely.

The two basic principles of healing are cleansing and energizing. Cleaning means removing diseased energy from the layers of the body and energizing means adding health energy to the diseased area.

Usada Prana Bali has the ability to be able to harmonize with the quantum field and resonate with a frequency that will support deep healing, the patient will let go of all that is not beneficial to him. 

It is important for the patient to set intentions and consider the outcome to be received. This will create openness and resonance in the patient's field to receive the healing energy flow.

Everyone's experience varies depending on the patient's sensitivity to energy. Most commonly, people feel a tingling sensation, a feeling of deep relaxation, peace, lightness, clarity, warmth and a feeling that everything is fine.

The process of remote and direct treatment can be explained sequentially as follows: 
  • Patients are allowed to sit back and relax in a comfortable room
  • Healers ask patients about their identity and complaints about health conditions
  • Patients tell complaints about their current health conditions
  • Patients are asked to submit their identity and health complaints
  • The patient is asked to sit without a backrest to facilitate the therapy process. 
  • The patient is then invited by the healer to pray together in their hearts according to their respective beliefs, asking for healing
  • Preparation for therapy, where the patient's body condition must be in a relaxed state, and relaxed, 
  • The healer then performs the therapeutic process by channeling the energy needed by the patient and removing energy that is not needed by the patient through the healer's palm. In addition to the diseased organs, energy is also given to the body parts related to the diseased organ.

Giving Energy is done repeatedly

During the therapy process, the healer also gives suggestions to the patient so that they always have the desire and belief to recover. The palm used to provide energy depends on the healer, because both (right and left) can be used to channel energy, but for healers it is better to channel energy using the right hand.  

At the time of therapy, the healer also detects the patient's body regarding the complaints felt by the patient. After the detection is done by being matched with the patient's complaints, the healer tells about the current health problem or illness the patient is suffering from. 

After the energy transfer is performed, the healer asks the patient how he is doing. Sometimes for some health complaints, patients are asked to try to move their limbs to find out the changes given positive suggestions. 

After a change in body condition is felt, the patient is invited to relax for a moment. 

Remote Medicine

Patients and healers do not meet face-to-face and are at the same time in different locations. This remote treatment can be done when the healer is in contact with the patient, in this case it can be through telephone contact or through the patient's photo that is sent along with the patient's identity and health condition/complaint.

The healer and the patient are connected by directing the healing mind to the patient, because pranic energy can generally be directed by following where the healer's mind or attention is directed (if the healer focuses on the patient, then he can throw away disease energy or that is not needed by the patient and channel energy that is not needed by the patient). needed).

If the patient does not know that he is in the treatment process, then the healer tries to make the patient feel the energy that enters his body, especially in the aching organ/part of the body with marked pain or muscle tension or the condition is gradually improving.

This remote treatment is generally carried out at night or in the afternoon when the patient is relaxed because it is considered more effective for the patient to receive the energy given by the healer, where the patient is not doing activities which can then have an impact on the energy provided by the healer. 

If the patient is relaxed and willing to accept, his body can absorb more energy, that when the patient believes in this treatment, the energy channeled by the healer can be well received by the patient, but if the patient has doubts, then the energy will return to the healer. 

Therefore, a good relationship between the healer and the patient must be well established to reduce the rejection of energy from the patient.

During the treatment process, the healer also feels the condition suffered by the patient, although the healer often asks about the patient's previous condition. This is done to ensure whether the diagnosis is correct from the healer according to what the patient is experiencing. 

Diagnosis by this healer is based on one of three main methods, namely intuitive knowledge gained through meditation. Diagnosis by a healer can be based on one or a combination of numerology, intuitive knowledge through meditation, and analysis of symptoms. 

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