Embrace and Expand your Personal Energy Field

Your personal energy field flows through all layers of your body. The faster the vibration, the higher the consciousness.

The universal energy field comes to us through our environment and from the people we come into contact with.

Sometimes the field feels as calm as the beach on a sunny day after a rain. Other times it can be loud or jarring on hot days. If you're on a beautiful beach on an amazing day and suddenly someone screams, "There's a Shark!!!" The energetic charge of fear can spoil your good mood and move your legs to run from it.

Beyond what you can experience through your physical senses, there is a sixth sense, intuition or feeling that colors your perception.

While standing on the beach, on your toes, something tickles when it hits the beach, you suddenly feel bad, like something is wrong, Then someone is heard in the distance shouting, "There's a Shark!" Even if you are not consciously aware of the presence of a shark, you can somehow sense its danger. That's your intuitive sense of knowing what's going to happen.

The example below reveals how you can use all of your senses to feel the energy that is around you and within you. Your five basic senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, are the gateway to exploring your physical reality.

You have just arrived at your favorite beachside resort for a short weekend break. You immediately walk to the beach, take off your shoes, as you step onto the warm sand, stopping where the sea water reaches the shore. As you look straight into the ocean, the sea breeze gently blows strands of hair against your face. You hear wave after wave crashing against the shore and watch each wave bury your bare feet deeper in the cool, wet sand. You inhale the salty smell of the sea and feel the salty drops of seawater splashing against your face. Warm and moist air, caressing your skin. In the distance, the sails of the boat sailed over the sea under the blue blue sky. You remember when you used to come here as a child and can feel again the sense of wonder and joy that enveloped you here. Ahhh... Heaven....

Get to know your Personal Energy Field

This energy field can also be called an aura, because it emits electromagnetic energy and emits light. Your personal energy field has seven main energy centers. You may know this as your chakra.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel" or "circle." This spinning energy source point consists of a collection of nerves; they are connected to some of your major organs and glands, and they house your emotional and spiritual energy.

The seven main chakras are like a totem pole, from the base of your spine to the top of your head:

  1. basic chakra, connected to your body's survival and health;
  2. the sacral chakra, is home to the pleasure principle and the center of your creativity;
  3. the solar plexus chakra, is the furnace of your strength and will;
  4. heart chakra and self-love center;
  5. the chakra in the throat, is the center of expression;
  6. ajna chakra, stores spiritual insight and intuition energy
  7. the crown, is the center of the emanation of higher "knowledge" and connection with the Source.

Your chakras can say a lot about you. The lower three chakras tell you about the safety and survival of your physical body, your relationship with yourself and others, and your personal strengths.

The fourth chakra, the heart, is the point of balance in the entire system. It connects the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras which is the spiritual center that connects you to the Source.

If there is an imbalance or distortion in the energy field, your chakras will definitely tell you, and eventually your physical body will reflect what is happening in your energy field. How you navigate the world directly depends on how your chakras or energy centers work.

Good health is about internal balance and dynamic interactions with the environment. It means your energy is balanced and flowing smoothly and you exchange energy and interact with all the people and situations around you in a harmonious way.

When your energy becomes bogged down, static, or blocked, you become emotionally unbalanced or even sick. Suppose you lost a parent and instead of giving yourself an opportunity to adequately grieve, you simply suppress those feelings, go to the funeral, and return to work on Monday. You push your true feelings to a place in your body and soul, where they start to swell.

A month, a year, five years, or decades later, you may find yourself dealing with the massive disease process that stems from that grief blockage.

Our postmodern culture doesn't teach us how to deal with negative emotions, and their lower vibrations remain lodged in our energy field and our bodies sooner or later, can wreak havoc if left unprocessed.

Everything is Vibrating

You are a vibrating being, you are constantly sending out your unique vibration.

Your energy field is constantly receiving vibrations from outside, and interacting with everyone and everything around you. You receive and respond to the pulse of energy in your environment.

When you were a teenager, your mother might say something like, "If you hang out with those losers, you'll end up like them!"

He feels your energy field when you come home after being around those kids; Your energy field has lowered itself to match their vibration. Everything vibrates.

Components of your physical body; your cells, your organs, your internal systems (digestive, respiratory, etc.), all vibrate at their own speed. Your consciousness has its own vibration.

A wall vibrates so slowly that you think it is solid.

As a recent example, consider Padre Pio, the humble Italian who died in the 1960s. He is known for his levitating, permanent stigmata that are visible, and according to eyewitnesses he can bifurcate, or be in two places at the same time.

The key point to remember is that your body grows from your energy field, not the other way around. Before your physical body manifested and you were born on earth, your body first became organized in a higher energetic dimension as the etheric template, the design for who you will become and the lessons you learn here.

Now that you are here in the body, if something appears in your energy field that is not optimal, such as a blockage or distortion, you can work on it at an energy level before it manifests in the physical plane and appears as a disease in your body.

The human energy field is much more complex than you can imagine. It consists of seven major levels that penetrate each other and your body.

Each level of the field is a higher vibration and extends from your body further than the one below it. This is what makes up your aura, the radiant radiation that surrounds you and can be felt with a little practice. Levels one, three, five, and seven, odd levels look like streaks of light. Levels two, four, and six are more formless, composed of cloud-like energy that can have different colors and densities.

The "clouds" of even-numbered levels seem to be held together by more structured odd-numbered levels. Together, all levels of the human energy field communicate with each other to supply you and your body with life energy (Prana).

If any of these levels are not filled enough, or not strong enough, your life experience may be disappointing. You may end up with physical problems if the levels are out of sync for a long time.

Your body emerges from your energy field, which means that any imbalance or distortion in that field will eventually have a negative impact on your body.

Of course, if you correct the imbalance, your body will respond in a positive way. When you adjust the energy field, you can often prevent potential illnesses from appearing in your body.

That is why the benefits for those who frequently do restructuring, rebalancing, and charging Pranic energy are very important.