Usada Pranic Healing Therapy Bali
Usada Prana Bali is a physical and mental care system that uses the vital energy of life to protect, balance, harmonize and change the energy processes of the body. 

The word ' Prana ' is derived from the Sanskrit word ' Pran '. The prefix ' Pre ' refers to constant while ' An ' means movement. When we combine these two words, we get the word ' Prana ' which means a continuous flow of life energy or vital energy. This energy starts from our birth and lasts until our death.

It can also be interpreted that prana is the unit of life that causes breath fluctuations in living people. This energy is well hidden within all of us. Many believe that prana is superior to other senses in the human body. Thus, it is very important to understand Pancha prana in the human body.

Where Does Prana Come From?

As per Hindu mythology, Prana comes from the human Jiva or ' Atman '. The soul experiences the physical world through prana . In every action you take, prana is running rampant. Whether you are breathing through your nose, observing with your eyes, or thinking, prana is everywhere.

In the context of Yoga, it forms one of the 5 subtle bodies ( Panchmaya Kosh a) called Pranamaya Kosha . It is the life force that moves the mind and body. Prana is responsible for regulating our Five Senses. By increasing our awareness of Prana and by increasing and directing its movement, it is possible to open the doors of higher consciousness. 

Prana is the invisible bio-energy that keeps the body alive and also maintains health. The Chinese refer to this energy as Chi in acupuncture. The Japanese call it Ki in Reiki. This is a simple and powerful non-touch energy healing system. This system is based on the basic principle that the body is a self-repairing entity that has an innate ability to heal itself.

Prana is the vital energy or life force that keeps the body alive and well. In Greek, it is called pneuma , in Polynesian, and in Hebrew, ruah meaning "breath of life." It is the sum total of all energy manifested in the universe, all forces in nature and forces and which lie everywhere around us.

The sages can unravel the mysteries by understanding Prana as the foundation that bridges mind and matter. The dynamics and laws of Prana are understood through the systematic practice of Pranayama to master Prana.

Although the essence of life is viewed as an irreducible metaphysical life force that cannot be measured, original healing systems such as Ayurvedic medicine and modern modalities such as chiropractic rely on the concept of vital force or subtle life energy which is central to healing.

An important difference between the traditional and modern views of the vital force is that the biofield rests on physical and measurable principles, whereas the traditional concept remains metaphysical. Nonetheless, there are many similarities between the ancient concept of life force and the modern concept of the biofield

The Upanishads written thousands of years ago clearly state that Prana is the most vital thing that flows through the veins and refreshes the whole body.

There are several major bioplasmic channels and through these channels flows prana which nourishes and refreshes the whole body and it is sensitive to external impacts. Diseases arise due to blockage, excess, or irregularity in the flow of prana. 

Prana is the link between the physical body and the Astal body. When the thin thread of prana is cut, the astral body separates from the physical body. Death occurs. Prana acting on the physical body is drawn into the astral body.

Prana that persists in the plasma state can be seen with the naked eye and felt by anyone with guidance and training. 

Usada Prana Bali , encourages patients to realize the life force, or 'prana', which consists of the whole human body. 

Through pranic awareness and using soul-awakening techniques, pranic knowledge leads to spiritual self-awareness and the development of latent healing powers.

Moreover, previous research on pranic energy has revealed that prana can be felt, seen and experienced, and the perception of this energy has brought about some positive changes to their psychological status. 

Prana has not been studied much. A review of previous pranic studies says that anyone with an interest can see and experience pranic energy with proper training and guidance. In addition, understanding and experiencing prana itself is very beneficial. 

Therefore, the study aimed to explore this experience by understanding the feelings and sensations involved in the perception of pranic energy among the participants.

Pranic Healing System

Pranic Healing helps in healing the body and mind . It does this by increasing the body's ability to heal itself. It helps to increase energy levels, reduce stress and boost immunity.
Pranic Healing is designed to complement and integrate with other medical practices and is non-invasive.

Traditional Healing System
It mainly includes the most ancient healing systems namely Ayurveda and Traditional Balinese Energy Medicine ( Usada ). This system views health and disease in terms of energy. Health is the free flow of vital energy and disease is a blockage of vital energy. 

Both systems use a variety of diagnostic techniques, herbs, and dietary protocols, external therapies to stimulate and balance the flow of life energy.

According to Ayurveda and Yoga, Prana also means vital breath. Pranayama is a controlled breathing exercise procedure in Yoga. This is also referred to as Yoga Breathing. 

It is believed that prana moves in the body when the human breath flows freely in the body. The breath is said to be a manifestation of the universal breath. Illness manifests when this body energy is blocked and becomes stagnant. 

Ayurveda also considers Prana to be a type of nutrition taken in through the breath and describes prana vaha srotas , the channels that carry vital prana in the body and carry it where it is needed. This prana can be taken in through the breath and comes from the external environment. 

Ayurveda and Yoga advocate breathing exercises to control and regulate their patterns for comprehensive health. pranayama expands the chest, increases lung capacity and work efficiency, calms the nervous system, regulates respiratory phenomena, oxidizes the body, and provides relaxation among many other benefits. The main techniques of Pranayama include alternate nostril breathing.

Therapy that works on the body

Alternative therapies and modalities such as Usada Prana Bali , Reflexology, Polarity therapy and Breema manipulate the body or non-invasively stimulate specific points to promote health, aid healing, and also strengthen vital forces.

Non-Physical Approach

Meditation is another non-physical and effective approach used in mind-body healing. There are many schools of meditation practice. Meditation techniques include an effective combination of chanting, special postures, breathing variations and mental exercises. 

This combination results in an enhanced or altered state. The target may be to achieve mental relaxation or for devotion or to achieve esoteric spiritual evolution.

Ancient systems including Yoga provide a beneficial blend of practice, therapeutic benefits, and spiritual paths to comprehensive well-being. It is considered a healing modality. 

They are also said to represent a form of pranic healing. In each of the above cases, certain postures or movements are practiced daily. They are often combined with breathing exercises. When done regularly, they are said to promote and encourage optimal energy flow in our system.

Relationship with aura, chakra balancing

Pranic Healing uses this energy and the principle of energy transformation for healing purposes. It makes you aware of the aura around your body, the energy centers operating around you i.e. the chakras and their influence on your health. 

It teaches to feel or scan the aura and also to determine which parts of the chakras are healthy and which ones are affected. Then, based on this knowledge, you can balance your energy deficit chakra through chakra healing methods. 

By learning about energy and aura, we gradually become more and more aware of their presence in the people as well as the objects around them.

Energy body or aura in pranic healing

Practitioners work on the bioplasm or energy body of their clients but not directly on their physical bodies. This energy body is called the aura. It is said to be a blueprint or imprint that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. 

The energy body absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the body. 

We need to know that physical ailments initially appear in the aura in the form of energy disturbances even before manifesting as problems in the physical body. Our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships, and even our financial commitments are affected by the energies that surround, penetrate, and sustain the physical body. 

This energy healing method can be applied to oneself in the form of self-healing, to heal people in front of the healer and also to heal anyone who is not near the healer and is present somewhere far away, anywhere in the world at a distance.

Pranic healing arises from the idea that physical and mental illness involves an imbalance or blockage in the flow of the vital life energy in our system, prana. 

Pranic Healing targets the strengthening and easy distribution of pranic flow in the body by removing imbalances and blockages in the pranic pathways using various means and methods.

How does Pranic Healing work?

When there is some imbalance in our energy field, we suffer from health disorders as well as diseases. Pranic Healing corrects this imbalance and balances the body's energy field. Consequently it also transfers the life force to the patient.

This life force transferred into the patient's body through Pranic Healing can be characterized as universal energy. Pranic Healers do not transfer their energy into the patient's body.

Pranic Healing is performed by trained and experienced Pranic Healers. They access universal energy and transmit that energy into the patient's body using specific techniques and frequencies that are specific to specific diseases and conditions.

The Pranic Healer does not touch the patient's body while transferring energy or life force into the patient's body. Pranic healing enhances the body's innate capacity to spontaneously heal itself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The healer performs pranic healing on his client in three steps.

  1. Check and Check – The practitioner examines the client and scans for any abnormalities in his prana, i.e. energy field.
  2. Cleansing – The healer then puts all his efforts and wisdom into removing the abnormal energy. It includes all the actions taken to remove the dirty or diseased energy in the body and to eradicate the blockages present in the energy channels.
  3. Replenish, revitalize and replenish the body with life force – After the cleansing process is complete, new life energy is transferred to the body and energized.


When bleeding occurs from a finger wound, our body's healing power automatically takes the necessary steps to prevent blood loss and repair damaged tissue. It is an automatic recovery process which is an innate mechanism and intelligence system of the body. 

Likewise our bodies are constantly exposed to many environmental toxins on a daily basis. Our body's innate defense system fights all these things and protects us from possible diseases that could fall victim to us. We often see that we feel filled and full of energy when we are healthy and happy. Here there is a lot of pranic energy flowing freely in our system. It also reflects that our body is rich in pranic power when we are physically and mentally healthy. 

On the other hand, we feel sad, tired, and drained whenever we feel upset and sick. In this condition our body lacks source of prana. The opposite is also true. If pranic energy is high, we are healthy and happy. Another way of understanding is that when we increase the pranic energy in the body through pranic healing, the healing is quite fast and restores health and happiness. 

If pranic energy is low, we are unwell and sad. Even in this case, pranic healing helps restore lost energy and balances the flow of prana in the body. In this way it helps sick people to recover from their physical, mental and emotional ailments.

The healing process of an individual is thus accelerated by increasing the pranic life force within it. This energy is available naturally from the Sun, air and earth.

Benefits of Pranic Healing

  • Helps lower body temperature during fever
  • Coughs and colds can be relieved quickly
  • Helps reduce stress and negative thoughts
  • Promotes happiness, inner peace, self-esteem and spiritual spiritual growth
  • Helps in increasing one's strength, immunity and stamina ones
  • Helps in improving interpersonal skills
  • Help someone in getting better memory and concentration
  • One attains the ability to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Eye, heart, liver and kidney problems can also be completely or partially resolved in a few sessions

Advantages of Pranic Healing over other healing systems
  • Pranic Healing is a simple healing method.
  • Safe, natural and simple to do and well tested.
  • This is a therapy in which no touch or medication is used for healing purposes.
  • Treatment and care can still be continued as long as the patient is undergoing Pranic Healing.
  • This is a holistic approach. It makes the whole body healthy. It also heals the mind and makes it calm and balanced.
  • It can also be used for distance healing.
  • It can be performed on people of all age groups.
  • It can also be used for animals and plants.
  • This is a systematic and real therapy.
  • It is not only used for healing but also for maintaining health and also for prevention.
  • When used in proper combination with medical treatments, it provides fast healing and recovery from various ailments.