Energy Network for remote healing


In the etheric body, the emotional body or the astral body, feelings, emotions, desires, and character traits are transmitted, received, and stored. This mental body carries our thoughts, ideas and inspiration. 

This causal body or spiritual body is the subtlest energy body and operates at the highest vibrational frequency. It carries Supreme Consciousness. 

The aura of this body is the outgoing beam (energy field) of the energy body. Every energy body has an Aura. All energy bodies penetrate the physical body and are connected to it. 

For this reason, the Usada Prana Balinese therapy technique is designed or built to not only work in aura management, but more importantly all layers of the body ( Pancha Prana Maya Kosha ) the client can be treated using the vital energy of life. 

All bodies are connected to each other and penetrate each other. There is an interaction from the densest body (physical) to the subtle body (Etheric). 

An example; Every negative or positive thought affects the emotional body which then acts on the etheric body, which in turn acts on the physical body and as a result triggers physical reactions such as tension or relaxation, well-being or pain, euphoria or depression. If the sensations are often negative, they will manifest as physical symptoms.

This Pranic Tube is a tubular column of light through which from above the head ( Shahasrara ) energy passes through, they are all connected to each other. It is also referred to as a secret channel. The Pranic Tube runs along the arms above the head, continues perpendicularly between the spine and the center of the body, then leaves the body again through the lower chakra ( Muladhara ) in the perineum and ends along the hands and feet.

Thus, the human being is an energy field that becomes more concentrated as you move from the interior to the exterior and eventually manifests as a visible physical body.

If you combine your thumb and middle finger, it will show you the approximate reference circumference of the Pranic Tube. Your pineal gland (found in the center of the head) is located within this Pranic tube.

In Usada Prana Bali Energy Therapy , the main focus is placed on the etheric body and its energy anatomy. It doesn't matter which level you start at when clearing the energy blockage, it's definitely the cleaning process.

If you are trained and become sensitive, you can feel, see, hear, smell and taste Prana. In pranic therapy, you first need to know how to feel energy as a reference for measuring the anatomy of energy.

The easiest way to observe Prana in the air, the visible grains of air vitality are like those in the open sky. Tiny dots of light will be seen rotating back and forth rapidly, this is easy to see with the naked eye.

Basic Elements - Concentration, Mental Strength, and Will

In pranic therapy, mental strength and will are very important. 

The stronger the concentration on the power of prana, the easier it is to convert subtle energy into coarser material energy and thus facilitate the healing energy of the physical body.

But concentration and determination must occur from higher/subtle desires and through the Crown, Ajna and Heart activated. For this reason adherence to ethical, ical values ​​(such as kindness, helpfulness, consideration, generosity, empathy or love) is essential for strengthening spiritual power.

Miracles are actually subtle ideas that have been realized by the powerful force of passion and will. Focus with mental strength and full will on treatment and visualization.

However, you cannot force results, because whether healing occurs or not is up to the client's Karma or their soul.

The most important thing is that a healer performs therapeutic work with these basic elements according to expertise in the use of this universal energy.

Compassion, not Pity

Good pranic therapists have compassion for their clients but not out of pity. If you feel sorry, then a healer may under certain circumstances be infected by the client's psychological disharmony.

Compassion means looking at a problem objectively and effectively, from another perspective and thus being able to provide needed help.

At the start of any energy treatment, transfer of Awareness to the client is necessary. It's easy enough to deeply empathize with the client. Self-awareness will radiate from the client and this will attract healing energy to the client with a need that he will accept and will develop greater for his health.

Remote Energy Healing

This is what is understood by sending energy over long distances. Therefore, the client and the therapist are not required to be in the same room. Even if the client is in a different place, in a different country, or even on a distant continent, Prana energy will still work. 

Distance pranic healing is based on the principles of the therapist's power to control treatment and the relationship between therapist and client. 

The inner potential of the energy field is not limited by place and time. The Principle of Control Through conscious intention, each person can direct his life energy specifically on people, animals, and even things. 

Prana follows mind control, wherever one focuses one's attention.

Everything is energy and energy follows one's thoughts. The Principle of Connectedness in all living things is part of the body, and the energy of the earth is connected with the whole universe. 

We are co-creators of the active universe. You reinforce whatever you focus your attention on. Thus we are all connected to each other, even the pranic energy body of the healer is connected to the energy body of the client. 

Healers can send Prana to clients across thousands of miles and even around the world and it will arrive with the client immediately. The healer can also erase, neutralize, and deplete the client's spent energy from a distance. 

Energy Network Cable

The energy cord is a string-like line of energy that lies between the chakras, organs and body parts of two or more people. These cords lead directly to the chakras, organs or body parts and thus connect us to other people. This connection is mainly due to contact with other people at various levels, through conversation, for example, doing business together, intimate relationships, education and more. 

The more intense the communication, the stronger the string of energy is connected. 

Depending on the length and width of the joint, they can be either larger or smaller in size and density.

The desired energy cord can be positive – for example in mother/daughter relationships, in partnerships, in friendships and in teams of coworkers. If two people make a clear agreement to support each other in life, then this energy cable is really in order. Because the root chakra ( muladhara ) is the center of worldly survival.

Emotions can greatly enhance and consolidate this energy cord. Energy attachments can also form remotely, even if the other person is not physically present. As explained earlier that energy follows the direction of the mind. So you can receive energy from afar, but it can also be drawn from you at a distance. There are energy wires all over the place between people, without anyone noticing.

Unwanted energy cables are negative energy connections. Sometimes people can connect with you in terms of energy and you will feel this as unwanted and a burden. This can have negative psychological effects and physical pain on you. 

If you often experience sudden loss of energy, then you must control your chakras, your mind, in case someone else puts up unwanted energy wires. Too many unwanted energy wires will lead to a lack of energy in the general area covered by each associated chakra, as well as a lack of energy in the associated organ. 

Once you are aware of the existence of energy cables, you can then decide for yourself which ones you want to keep and which ones not. You decide whether you want to leave this power cord there or not. 

You can free yourself from unwanted negative energy wires by joining the Bali Usada Prana Therapy program  .