Energy and Awareness in Pranic Healing

The energy of consciousness required to perform pranic healing is always radiated through a healer. They are abundantly provided by the Universal Consciousness to anyone who will receive them and ask for them with an open heart.

At Usada Prana Bali, these two powerful forces are used to perform healing on a body, soul and mind level.

Healing with prana can be likened to a process of continuous renewal in every human being and trying to keep everyone healthy. The healer's role is to benefit on behalf of the client when the renewal process has been disrupted and good health has been compromised. The healer acts as an agent to restore health, harmony and balance in the physical plane as well as the subtle areas of energy and consciousness. He does this by channeling healing energy and/or awareness to the parts of the client's subtle planes and physical bodies that need it most. 

Unlike other forms of healing (alopathic, homeopathic, chiropractic, etc.) pranic healing relies on the ability and power of the healer to channel the energy of consciousness to the client.

Current medicine seeks to change conditions in the human body so that the body can heal itself, but does not understand what healing is or where the energy and consciousness for healing the physical and subtle bodies come from. In contrast, spiritual healers recognize that healing is much more than the relief of physical symptoms and restoration of physical health; it is the return of balance and harmony. 

There can never be complete physical health unless the whole being is healthy and in harmony with its internal and external environment.

Good health, at the level of body, soul, and mind, is the goal of spiritual healers. This goal is not something that is achieved and then forgotten; Healing is a process. 

A person moves towards good health or towards disease. Therefore, each person should take individual responsibility for his or her own health. That is why in Pranic Healing , clients are not seen as victims of disease. The client's behavior, attitudes, and lifestyle are seen as important factors. The client is always seen as the central protagonist in his own healing and is called upon to remain active rather than passive during the spiritual healing process. It also means that there is never room for complacency when it comes to good health because the human situation is never static. 

There are negative influences in both the physical and subtle environments that push people toward illness, and there are positive influences that push them toward good health.

The Balinese Usada Pranic Healer notices these effects and with them in mind seeks to change the negativity and replace it with conditions that promote good health. The healer strives to heal the client on all levels so that balance and harmony are restored.

Usada Prana Bali's View on Disease

The Balinese Usada Pranic Healer treats ailments at all levels of the body. It is therefore not surprising that a pranic healer has a unique view of health and disease. Don't see it as a separate condition. We view health and disease as opposite poles of the same thing, only in different degrees. 

Usada Prana Bali healers understand that those who are sick have allowed themselves to drift to the negative pole (illness) and now find it impossible to reach the opposite pole (good health) without outside help. Because we understand that balance and harmony are important aspects of good health, healers realize that disease is not only caused by disease-pro-ducmicrobials. These creatures are not the root cause of disease.

Different traditions have described subtle-plane anatomy in different ways. Regardless of how it has been explained, imbalance and disharmony can come from any part of it. The root cause of imbalance and disharmony is separation from essential sources of nutrition, both in the form of energy and consciousness. 

The separation is most acute when man becomes separated from the Universal Consciousness the source of spiritual nourishment. 

The Universal Consciousness forever seeks union with its creation and can secure the health and harmony of each individual entity if they realize that they need spiritual nourishment to maintain good health. But this awareness is usually lacking, and as a result the union is easily disturbed. When disturbance occurs, the transfer of energy and consciousness will be limited.

The world of healers is full of life on every level. Usada Prana Bali sees the physical and subtle realms as one great ecology of body, soul, and mind which are all balanced by the Unity that is Universal Consciousness. 

Different traditions have given different names to different levels. To simplify matters, I will divide the universe into four distinct planes according to the modern metaphysical tradition. 

This tradition is largely derived from ancient philosophy and is closely related to the teachings of yoga and tantra. The highest level is the transcendent level of consciousness called the spiritual realm. 

It was there that the Universal Consciousness first made contact with humans. Below the spiritual realm is the human or limited level of consciousness. This is sometimes called the mental plane. 

Next is Self-awareness or soul, the level of emotions and feelings. Finally, we come to the physical plane, which is the level of physical and material life. We humans straddle a dimension, forming a bridge between the spiritual plane and the lowest plane of physical matter.

Energy and Awareness in Healing

The healing energy and consciousness are so powerful that when they radiate through the healer they can freely catapult into a state of transcendence. 

In this state, the disease disappears and the patient is able to participate in the pleasure, love, intimacy and joy that the living universe constantly experiences. 

The consciousness I am talking about is called Happiness. The energy I speak of has many terms at the societal level. In Kundalini yoga called prana-shakti.

No matter what it is called this extraordinary energy, like happiness, has only universal qualities, meaning that it can be used to heal physical ailments, energetic trauma, and karmic patterns that limit patient access to the power, creativity, and radiance that is a patient's right.

In pranic healing, work primarily with the resources that are lying dormant within the patient's subtle energy and consciousness areas. This may sound strange to patients new to pranic therapy.

But spiritual teachers and healers have recognized for thousands of years that humans are interdimensional beings who exist, interact, and function in both the physical and subtle worlds of energy and consciousness. In practice, this means that the patient has a physical body and a subtle field of consciousness and prana (non-physical energy) that permeates the patient's physical body.

The extraordinary field of consciousness and energy, which I call subtle-field, contains non-physical vehicles.

Although most people are not aware of their existence, subtle vehicles that contain vital resources or energy are responsible for maintaining health and well-being and for providing humans with the ability to form authentic identities and participate in all activities related to life on Earth.

This subtle consciousness is the largest part of one's subtle plane and serves as the link between each individual human being and the source of healing that is Universal Consciousness (God).

The resource field maintains one's energy and consciousness vehicle along with the other organs of the subtle plane (chakras, meridians, aura, etc.), and they provide the prana and awareness the patient needs to perform healing on a body, soul, and mind level.

The subtle energy system includes the chakras and chakra fields, meridians, aura fields, and small energy centers scattered throughout the patient's subtle energy system.

Chakras are eddies that transmit prana through the patient's subtle planes. Everyone has 146 chakras which correspond to 146 dimensions in the physical and nonphysical universe. The thirteen most important chakras are located in the body space (the space in the non-physical universe that permeates the physical body).

chakra system