Pranic Energy Healing Session

The first session will last about 60 minutes and does not require any special involvement from you. This session will be conducted remotely. 

Most people simply appreciate the opportunity to relax and receive energy. Different experience for every client.

Some of the sensations people mention are:

  • Temperature change
  • “tingling” sensation
  • Feel light pressure
  • Feeling something like an electric current
  • See color, light, or images
  • Feeling very relaxed/drowsy
  • Like a burden has been lifted from them
  • Very clear mentally

You may experience unexpected emotions as energy continues to work its way through all the blockages in your energy body. This may manifest as crying, sleeping more, feeling tired, or, on the other hand, feeling lightheaded or very energized.

Please follow these guidelines after your session:

  1. It's best not to wash or shower a few hours after the session. This further allows the assimilation of energy in the emotional and physical body.
  2. Eat light meals and abstain from red meat for a few hours. Red meat requires a lot of energy to digest and is also a low energy form.
  3. Try to rest after the session. Although not necessary.
  4. Keep your thoughts and actions positively focused. This allows the healing energy to be more fully absorbed. Mentally repeating the affirmation “I fully, deeply, permanently receive all the healing energy, Thank you” several times over the next two days can also help with the process.
  5. Start regular salt baths if your illness is severe. Minimum 2-3 times a week. It clears the energy field around the body, helping it stay clean and healthy, which can speed up the rate of healing. 
  6. For bath salts: Use 1-2 pounds of regular table salt. It doesn't have to be expensive sea salt. Dissolve the salt in a water bath. Fill the tub just enough to cover the entire body. If you have lavender essential oil, add 30 drops to the bath. Set the intention to dissolve all unwanted energy from your energy field. Soak for 15-20 minutes and follow with a regular bath to wash off the salt water.
  7. Practice the Twin Hearts Meditation. This meditation will help you to maintain the work we have done. This will continue the cleansing and healing process, as well as facilitate a state of peace and clarity.